The difference between a clutch and a wallet

14.08.2019 10:03
#1 The difference between a clutch and a wallet

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Can a clutch be used as a wallet? Is the two the same? I believe many people have their own answers. The clutches and wallets are different. The following are the differences between the two:

Use is different
The clutch is mainly used for carrying small items or for concave shape, but the wallet is used for storing banknotes and bank cards. The use of the two is completely different and should not be used as an item.

Different characteristics
The aesthetic value of the clutch bag is more valued by many people, such as fashion and fashion, and the practical value of the wallet is more important, such as strong and durable. The two have different characteristics, so the design is not the same.

Different size
Compared to wallets, clutches are generally too large to accommodate more items. The wallet is smaller enough to store important items.

Work is not the same
Wallet outsourcing generally uses 20 nylon thread, and the clutch bag has no clear requirements. In addition, the wallet lining is mostly made of cotton thread, and the clutch bag can be used in various lines. Therefore, the work of the two is different and cannot be confused.

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