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The first contact - part 3

Summer break

Until the summer holidays nothing much happened. Jumpsuits appeared to be out of fashion. But one Saturday morning, the first really hot day of the year, my mother came to me with 3 packages. She wanted to go into town again. We did that so regularly that I was wondering why I already got something in advance. She handed me the first package. It was an imitation leather jumpsuit.
It was of a fitting cut, like almost all my jumpsuits, but was stretchy around the shoulders and breast. For the arms there were only 2 small holes. When I put my arms through, I could only move my forearms. I hadn't expected that since it was quite stretchy. It was also so tight around the crotch that I had to pull my things straight backwards. My mother closed the zipper and the way too high, stiff collar. In it one sweated profusely and when one sat down I could not bend my head forward and had to look straight up. So it was just my thing.
Matching white boots with 5.5cm heels were also given by my mother. In the third package there was a white corset that my mother strapped on pretty tightly. I was quite euphoric. In the afternoon thunderclouds came and the first drops fell. Therefore my mother pulled a rain cape over me. This was also from faux leather and definitely a one-of-a-kind. It consisted of 2 layers. The first went from my nose, where 2 holes were stanced for breathing, down to my knees and was tight around my body. For the arms there were pockets that prevented me from moving them. Around my neck was a stiff wide leather collar that prevented moving my head or speaking. The outer layer was cut like a normal cape.
Later we were at the hairdressers again. This we did once a month by now. My mother instructed them how to cut my hair, which resulted in all hair removed from 2cm above the ears and below, and for the first time my eyebrows were plucked quite narrow and colored black. Effectually I was a girl I considered as I looked into the mirror. My mother had been right that something like this would happen.

In the evening I fell on my bed and fell asleep fully dressed. The next morning I woke with a heavy headache, since I hadn't drunk anything since Friday evening. Only that way I could last so long without going to the bathroom. My mother was already fully prepared to go to a swimming lake. The cape she took off, and I was starting to change when my mother urged me to finally go to the car. But first she put a flask of mineral water to my mouth and I emptied it gratefully.
This way we went to the lake. My mother helped me out of the boots and the corset. The jumpsuit I had to wear into the water. It didn't help much, little relief and in the strong sun I sweated even more. I tried to stick to the shadows. The strong headache, thirst and pressure on my bladder brought me to begging to my mother to go home. One hour later we were home and my mother undressed me. Drinking, bathroom, headache pills, shower and bed were all that happened.
The next morning we talked about the matter. My mother blurted out that she had planned this weekend to persuade me to dress somewhat more normally. She had sown a linnen band insode the jumpsuit and bought it extra small. The cape was sown by one of her friends. This all only made me feel proud.

This jumpsuit is also real, though only similar. It had legs to the knees and was not lined. It was an actual sauna to wear. After 5 minutes or so the arms and legs stuck so badly that one could hardly move them. The corset is fantasy. I always wore a wide black leather belt with it. The boots I really loved, and my hair also was still longer (about up to the ears). It was the time that I experimented with makeup. The jumpsuit has quite dissolved by now (because of the imitation leather). The cape was real too, and although not quite as tight as described, it was pretty close-fitting. I hated it but my mother used it then to show me my limits. She just let me boil in it several times.

We were at Boutique Manou once more, and the sales lady offered me a white one. Combined with a pair of boots and a heavy, long leather pullover. I assumed that my mother was part of this. Therefore I naturally tried it on. The catsuit was from Bogner and made from some thermal fabric. The sales lady closed the zipper and handed me the pullover. It had a turtle neck, long arms and went almost to my knees. I told the lady that it looked somewhat like a bag. So she retrieved everything a size smaller. For the first time the boots had narrower, 9cm high heels and 2cm plateau soles. When I was ready and stood before my mother she said 'whatever'. I could hardy swallow because of the turtle neck, and the long sleeves went as far as my thumbs and pressed my fingers together. With the length it was more like a dress, and I could only take small steps since it was so tight.
At the barber shop the hairdresser asked me what she should do. I gave her carte blanche. This time the sides were shaven and colored brightly red.

Bettina, who became my girlfriend more and more, and who herself was something of a freak, liked it up to and including the boots. But I grew less confident. Monday morning I wanted to put on other shoes, but my mother prevented that. In scholl though it wasn't as bad as I feared. More students would notice if I suddenly started dressing normally again.

Balloon Silk Jumpsuit

For my 15th birthday my mother gave me a balloon silk jumpsuit. It wasn't especially tight, and had a silver zipper in front and on the arms and legs. It rustled with every move. It had a self belt that I usually replaced by my wide black belt. Unluckily Bettina pulled that one always so tight that it hurt. I always wore it with black laced boots and a black leather biker jacket. It was the combination I wore when I went to the disco for the first time. Bettina didn't care too much for this jumpsuit: it was too normal for her.
With all the jumpsuit memories this one (even though not tight), together with the very first one, still holds the fondest memories. In the rest of the year I got another normal jeans jumpsuit and a short one from Bettina, which legs ended just above the knees.
On a cooler day, a Friday in September, Bettina convinced me to put on a dancing catsuit with attached feet and gloves. Over that I put on the jumpsuit and the small corset. For shoes she gave me low boots with 11cm high heels. Since we were not planning on going out anyhow, so I did what she wanted. But there I erred...

During this time Bettina molded me more and more towards a woman. And I wanted to please her. So she applied make-up on me in the morning. The heels also became higher and higher. And often I even wore her skirts and dresses.


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Es gibt kein praktischeres Kleidungsstück als einen Overall


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